The Round Tower Gallery will be available to the Guild as an exhibition space.
Photography by Simon Richardson (left) and Paul Newman (right)
We regularly recruit new members to become part of the Guild. We will advertise on this site when we are next open for applications. All applications are submitted online.
Quality, originality, mastery

 Black Swan Guild Aims

The Black Swan Guild is being established as part of our commitment to nurture and showcase high-quality work from the widest possible range of artists and craftspeople. And also to celebrate the rich history of Arts and Crafts and the Black Swan Arts building itself through our heritage. Quality will take precedence over other factors such as qualifications, experience, status and geographic location.

Guild Foundation

This first round of application aims to recruit the foundation members of the Guild who will help to shape the initial emergence of the Guild.

Important details

  • The membership fee will be £100 payable annually
  • There is a one-off application fee of £20 (non-refundable)
  • During December there will be talks and drop-in sessions where those interested in joining the Guild can obtain advice and support when make their applications.
  • Application is in two stages.
    • Stage 1. An online application, with applicants being selected from the online images of their work.
    • Stage 2. Short-listed applicants will be asked to Black Swan Arts to present the actual work selected at Stage 1
  • Deadline for our Crowdfunding appeal 30 January 2019
  • Deadline for submissions is midnight 25 February 2019
  • The application fee is £20 (non-refundable)
  • Each applicant may submit up to 6 images in support of their application

Ongoing management of the Guild

The Guild will be an association of makers, open to practitioners representing every type of art and craft practise. The Guild will be a self-managing, self-governing and self-selecting organisation, operating under the banner of, and supported by, Black Swan Arts. Members of the Guild will be responsible for drafting its constitution, setting down its aims and objectives and working practices.

The work of those applying to join the Black Swan Guild will be assessed by a group of highly respected and successful professional artists and craftspeople, skilled in a wide range of media. The application process will be in two stages; the first an online application, with short-listed applicants being invited to present their work for Stage 2


Each year the Guild will be guaranteed a minimum of 16 weeks of exhibition time in the Round Tower Gallery, divided into four, four-week blocks, timetabled throughout the year. One of these blocks of time will always fall during the prestigious (and potentially lucrative) month of December.
As part of the Black Swan Arts organisation, the Guild will enjoy all the benefits of being part of a significant regional arts venue. The Black Swan Guild website will include up-to-date listings, artists’ profiles and contact details. Once established the Guild will organise demonstrations, offer courses and workshops within the Black Swan Arts.


Summary of 2019 dates

25 February Deadline for online applications (midnight)
5 March Stage 1 results emailed to shortlisted
11 March Delivery of shortlisted work for Stage 2, between 10am & 7pm
12 March Stage 2 final selection
12 March Collection of shortlisted work, between 4-7pm
13 March Collection of shortlisted work, between 10am – 12 noon
15 March Stage 2 results emailed to Guild members
28 March First Meeting of The Black Swan Guild Foundation Members 7pm, Round Tower, Black Swan Arts
4 – 25 May First exhibition in the Round Tower Gallery
3 August – 14 September Second exhibition in the Round Tower Gallery
30 November – 21 December Third exhibition in the Round Tower Gallery