The Round Tower Gallery will be available to the Guild as an exhibition space.
Photography by Simon Richardson (left) and Paul Newman (right)
We regularly recruit new members to become part of the Guild. All applications are submitted online through our competition site.
Quality, originality, mastery

Black Swan Guild

The Guild is an association of makers, open to practitioners of every type of art, design and craft. It is a self-managing, self-governing and self-selecting organisation, operating under the reputation and brand of Black Swan Arts. Members of the Guild are key contributors to its constitution, aims and objectives and its working practices, in partnership with the trustees of Black Swan Arts.

The Guild demonstrates Black Swan Arts’ commitment to nurture and showcase high-quality work from the widest possible range of artists and craftspeople.

Applications to the Guild

Selection of new members is based on the quality of the work you produce. This takes precedence over other factors such as qualifications, experience, status and geographic location. Submissions are welcomed from all disciplines.

The application process is in two stages:

Shortlisting entries

The stage 1 shortlisting of entries is carried out by a panel of professional artists who are not current members of the Guild and one of the Black Swan Arts trustees. They are currently:

Final stage 2 selection is by the current members of the Guild.

The relationship between the Guild and Black Swan Arts

As part of the Black Swan Arts organisation, the Guild enjoys all the benefits of being part of a significant regional arts venue.

Benefits include:

  • exhibitions in the Round Tower Gallery
  • branding based on the already familiar style of Black Swan Arts
  • a microsite which is maintained by the Guild and can host member’s profiles and exhibition details
  • opportunities to organise demonstrations, artist talks, courses and workshops

Regular exhibitions

Each year the Guild will be guaranteed a minimum of 16 weeks of exhibition time in the Round Tower Gallery, divided into four, four-week blocks, spread out through the year. One of these blocks of time will always fall during the prestigious (and potentially lucrative) month of December.

Fees, membership and refunds

Application fee

£20 is required to complete your stage 1 application to the Guild. This fee contributes towards:

  • administration
  • marketing
  • software and database system maintenance

Black Swan Arts is a charitable organisation which does not receive any regular funding.

Membership fee

Membership of the Guild is currently £120 per year- this may be increased in future years upon agreement by members of the Guild. The remaining £100 should be made following acceptance through stage 2 of the application process. Your application fee has already made up part of that membership fee.

Refund policy

Unfortunately, application and membership fees cannot be refunded.